Most students shy away from having a working relationship with their lecturers and professors, while it is understandable that some lecturers are not easily approachable, for the sake of your academics it is very important that you try and relate one on one with your lecturers.

It doesn’t have to be when you need academic favors, see your lecturers as your school parents and visit them when you need counseling or advice be it relating to your studies or not.

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to build a rapport with your lecturers.

  1. Always call them by the right title.

Note the lecturers in your department and note their titles accordingly, don’t make the mistake of referring to a professor as “mr”, ask around if you are not sure of the title to address the lecturer with.

  1. Sit in front of the class

This is very important, if you want your lecturers to know who you are.  the lecturer is able to see the people who are seated in the front of the class and usually they are able to tell those that are paying attention and those that are distracted. Seating in front and paying attention makes it easier for the lecturer to take note of you.

  1. Pay attention and participate actively.

Paying attention and participating in class lessons by asking and answering questions, makes it very easy for the lecturer to get to know you and gives the impression that you are active and that you clearly understand what’s happening in the classroom.

  1. Make use of official hours

When you need assistance with school work, feel free to visit your lecturer in the office and please do this only on official hours. Just like you, your lecturers also have a life aside from teaching, so make the best use of official hours. Don’t be asking for assistance after office hours, most lecturers may seem offended by this and you’ll definitely need to be in the good books of your lecturers.

  1. Tell the truth

Whenever you need a favor or assistance from your lecturer, always tell the truth, don’t lie. All lecturers were once students so they know most tactics students employ when looking for favors. Do yourself a big favor by coming clean when requesting for assistance, lying and getting caught will only compound your problems.

  1. Pay social calls often

Don’t make it seem like you only come by when you need assistance. When you can, walk into your lecturers office and ask how he/she is doing, ask about their personal welfare and work. By doing this you give your lecturers the impression that you really appreciate the energy and time they spend in teaching and that you place them in high esteem.

  1. Avoid flirting with your lecturers.

The educational sector frowns at teacher and student relationship and any sign of it can clearly ruin a lecturers career. Refrain from flirting with lecturers, while some may take it lightly most will see it as a plot against their career and become hostile towards you.

Also some lecturers really have no shame, and don’t mind sleeping with their students, so to avoid putting yourself in a difficult situation, avoid flirting with your lecturers.