The internet has grown to become the best paddy when it boils down to research and networking. Whether you are looking for an obscure topic for your project, or answers to some pressing questions which you didn’t get in textbooks, the internet has a solution to it. Here are Top 10 Resourceful Websites for Nigerian Students

Here, I have assembled ten of the best resourceful, in-dept and concise site for research, report writing, free textbooks (E-books) and even finding a partner. Do you know it is possible to graduate with first class with these steps?

Here are Top 10 Resourceful Websites for Nigerian Students

  1. Google

Google is known to be the king of them all, it is widely believed that there is nothing under this earth which has a name one cannot find by “asking Google”. Here, you can find apparently, anything just by one click on the search button.

  1. Wikipedia

Wiki as it is fondly called has the history and catalogue of almost anything, be it a topic, an event, a personality, an invention, a celebrity and even you (lol just kidding) in its database.

  1. Youtube

I read on Nairaland recently on how someone made over 25 million naira doing auto-mechanic which he learnt through watching related videos on Youtube make wise use of this platform to better your life.

  1. The Newboston

I love this site; here you can learn a wide range of things hare on any topic, subject, program, language, or any programming language through the step by step videos for free.

  1. W3School

Do you intend learning any programming language of your choice free? W3school is a great sire for you. Note: coders can’t do without this site.


Do you want to learn a new course online to boost your CV? Edx offer a wide rang4e of course you can choose and start learning at you won pace.

  1. IPL2

Just like your school library, IPL2 as they are called is an online library where you can sort out any book of your choice by just one click.

  1. Cashcource

This site teaches you how you can make and manage your finances as a student, a very good website at that.

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Here, they sequentially offer tips on how to write and arrange your project work to the latest standard.

  1. DatemySchool

Datemyschool connects you with students and ex-students of your school. Here, you can kick off your online dating Career (lols), hook-ups with a potential girl or guy from your alma-mater

There are some other websites out there you should visit. They  are Nairaland (News, Gossips and E-fighting), Facebook, Warriorforum etc. you can search out these sites and be enlightened. Feel free to add yours in the comment box.